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Cavities, Fillings & Root Canals

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Cavities, Fillings & Root Canals


Acid is produced when bacteria feasts on the sugars and carbohydrates in your mouth. A cavity is formed when acid causes physical damage to the tooth's structure. The most fundamental way to prevent a cavity is to deny food to the bacteria. This is accomplished by regular brushing and flossing.

Early cavities have no symptoms and will progress quietly. When a cavity can be "felt," it is usually large and more costly to restore.  In addition, complicated procedures may now become necessary.


When a cavity is diagnosed, the most common and economical treatment is a filling. The decayed part of the tooth is cleaned out and the resulting “hole” is filled. Modern day fillings are made of a blend of tiny ceramic particles embedded in a resin matrix. These tooth-coloured, paste-like materials are adapted into the cavity, then instantly hardened by an intense blue light.

Root Canals

Teeth can become infected if cavities and cracks are not treated within a reasonable time. By the time a cavity is felt, the decay would be approaching the nerve. When bacteria invades the pulp, it can cause infection and intense pain. Root canal therapy removes the diseased pulp and disinfects the inside of your tooth, fills the canals and seals the tooth with a filling or a crown. This allows you to keep your tooth and maintain a healthy smile.

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