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Onlays & Crowns

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Onlays & Crowns


Sometimes the cavity is so extensive that it weakens or destroys a corner or an entire side of a tooth. An onlay is an excellent, conservative solution to restore form and function to this tooth. 

In our office we have been using the CEREC technology for over ten years. We can scan and produce a 3-D image of your prepared tooth, and manufacture a piece of ceramic for an exact fit. This can all be done in one appointment, saving you time from a second appointment and the inconvenience of dealing with a temporary filling. More importantly, because this is all done in a single appointment, it saves you from having your jaw numbed a second time. 


A crown (also known as a cap) covers the entire tooth. It is made of a hardened material to prevent a weakened tooth from breaking. It is typically prescribed to protect a tooth that has a large filling, has previous root canal treatment or when the tooth is cracked. 

Depending on the material of choice, some crowns are fabricated in a commercial laboratory. A second appointment would be necessary to cement the finished product. With the CAD/CAM system available in our office, ceramic crowns can be milled in our office in a single appointment. This will save you time and the inconvenience of a second appointment.

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